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over 8 years ago

Project documentation template

Please fill out this project documentation template before submitting your projects. This is one of the judging criteria.


Name of the project: What's the working title of your project?

Elevator pitch: In three sentences – what's your idea?

Screenshot: Please make a screenshot of your project and insert it here (use markdown)

Type of the project: web app, mobile app, data visualization?

MVP: What's the minimum viable product? Which features does it have?

Target group: Who should use your product?

Use Case: How will users typically use this product?

Challenges & solutions: What was the most difficult part of the project? What problems did you encounter? How did you solve them?

Scalability: How can the project be further developed?


Technology: Which frameworks and solutions did you use?

Link: Please insert the deployment link. This is crucial. Try not to host things just locally.

Source code (optional): Please insert the link to your project's GitHub repository.


Team members, their skills & Twitter handles:

-Tom Tomke (front-end), email, Twitter handle
-Jana Janka (concept, documentation, presentation), email, Twitter handle
-Jascha Jaschek (back-end), email, Twitter handle
-Dan Danke (design), email, Twitter handle