your personal penny bank in the cloud

Name of the project: Dimebox (http://dimebox.instapage.com/)

Elevator pitch: Dimebox is your personal convenient penny bank in the cloud.

Dimebox combines the habitual experience of saving money in a penny bank, connecting every physical coin input to your personal bank account and allowing you to assign a fixed transaction value to coins of any nominal. Connect Dimebox and start setting money aside for what matters!

Screenshot: 1) most recent MVP: bit.ly/dimeboxmvp14 2) last night version of the MVP: bit.ly/dimeboxmvp13 3) MVP assembly: bit.ly/dimeboxmvp12 4) yesterday's early prototyping: bit.ly/dimeboxmvp11

Screencast: http://bit.ly/dimeboxvideo1

Type of the project: Dimebox combines hardware (coin reading device/box) + mobile app + cloud + web app

MVP: Dimebox MVP currently allows to: 1) Connect your physical Dimebox penny bank to your bank account or Paymill; 2) Set a fixed transaction value for any possible coin nominal & currency via Dimebox App; 3) Set a payment destination (transfer funds to your savings account or a charity); 4) Make digital payment transfers with a simple physical and habitual coin drop (just like in your childhood!); 5) Get visual light notifications of your actions (coin drops) on your Dimebox.

Target group: 1) B2C: parents, kids, people, who ever had the experience of having/using a penny bank and who love to follow the penny bank saving pattern (dropping a coin inside to save some funds); likewise, people who have difficulties saving significant amounts (more than 100 EUR) in their penny banks; people who love gadgets and fintech; people who love to lay some money aside. 2) B2B: financial institutions, who want to surprise their long-term clients with innovative and safe fintech gadgets.

Use Case: 1) you can put money aside for what matters (transfer funds to your savings account or a charity) in a habitual way (dropping coins into a penny bank - just like in your childhood!), while having the possibility to allocate the sums you decide; 2) you can also educate your kids the basics of “penny bank savings” in a modern, intuitive and funny way!

Challenges & solutions: 1) Interconnect different technologies and physical things in way that it makes sense and brings innovation; 2) make it easy and fun to use! 3) make it look good :)

Scalability: 1) Hardware scalability: from prototype to mass production (limited scalability); 2) Software: cloud-based, unlimited scalability; 3) Business model scalability: customization of hardware, subscription based cloud services, branding and co-branding possibilities with business institutions.


Technology: We used Arduino, Python, Flask, Framework7, Cordova, Heroku, Paymentmill

Team: 1) (PRODUCT) Igor Andreichyn - igor.andreichyn@gmail.com | @vidmak 2) (DESIGN) Kyrill Zlobenko - cyrille.zlobenko@gmail.com | @kzlobenko 3) (CODE) Alexander Potapov - al.potapov@hotmail.com |@alpotapov

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