Make Bank

Give people control over their financial future.

Elevator pitch: Give people control over their financial future.

Type of the project: web app, mobile app


MVP: The minimum viable product visualizes the financials of a bank account and allows the user to increase his/her savings by taking various actions. Actions include, but are not limited to, changing the savings account, quitting smoking/coffee, changing the gym membership or changing the mobile phone plan.

Features: Overview of financial situation and your current savings rate, how long to become financially independent, how long to become a millionaire

Target group: Young professionals and professionals between the age of 21 and 40.

Use Case: People connect their accounts with Make Bank (using Figo) in order to get an overview of their financial situation. People then can easily see how simple life changes or actions can impact their financial situation positively.

Challenges & solutions:

Challenges: – Focus: Not trying to do everything, because we have a lot of ideas about how this product can be expanded. – Integrating the vast amount of data into a beautiful user experience Solutions: – Settle early on what we want to focus on – Boil the data down to it’s core use case and highlight that

Scalability: Improve partnerships that tackle either the income or the expenses of the user.

Income: – Investment products and banking products – Cash back – Reward procuts/points – Promotions

Expenses: – Insurance products – Recurring payments, e.g. streaming, cable TV, electricity, etc. – Banking products



Back-end – Node.js – Express.js – Figo API

Front-end – Twitter Bootstrap – jQuery with plugins – Highcharts – Masonry – Google fonts

Mobile – Gini API – Android SDK


Source code (optional):


Elyse Bellamy (design),, Kevin Read (coder),, @unverbraucht Panagiota Mitsopoulou (coder), Krzysztof Modras (coder),, @chrmod Michel Tucker (product management),, @mictuc

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