Calories as currency

Type of the project: mobile app

MVP: is the mobile application that allows you to track your calories burning and to switch them to a voucher or for competitions or donations.

Target group: Everybody who are interested in healthy way of life and who wants to transfer workouts in something real and special.

Use Case: if you are an active sportsmen or want to become such a guy you can use our application. It can motivates you because there will be lots of campaigns for ‘calories’ burning and goods purchasing Users can compete with the friends for the best workouts. You can also donate some of ‘earned’ money to some crowd funding or charity organization.

Challenges & solutions: the most difficult part was to polish the idea that we had and implement it in so short period of time. Next problem was willingness to use iWatch and it was the first try of coding for it. We’ve faced with some apple bundles issues during the development and deployment. Spent couple hours digging for solution… finally found that we have to restart the watch… it helped.

Scalability: we have tremendous plans for improving the solution to make it ‘real’. We want to integrate with sports brands and stores to provide target marketing. We want to arrange campaigns to get people use our application. We want to add workout plans for different people.

Technology:Objective-C, PS, Java, Word

Link: MVP is deployed to the devices

Source code: https://bitbucket.org/bhd2015ioswearable/ios-application

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