Charity Be Sure

Bringing Transparency to Charitable Donations

As a member of the public, have you ever hesitated to donate to charities because you were concerned your money would not be well spent? As a small charity, do you struggle to receive donations to stay afloat? As a larger charity, are you worried about donor fatigue? Finally, as a bank, are you concerned that your company's reputation is at risk by extending accounts to charities that lack financial transparency?

Welcome to Charity Be Sure.

We offer a mobile application for charities to upload their invoices via gini and receipts via These paper documents are scanned and key information, such as vendor name and invoice/receipt number are retrieved. We also download transactional data from the bank account via figo for further analysis. The analysis is compiled on a custom web page for each charity.

The public can then log in and search for charities operating in geographical locations or sectors they find interesting. The public compares the spending patterns of respective charities and can donate to their chosen charities via one click, through our Paymill API integration. If the charity has an associated fund, the public will be alerted to this second option to give via the Finanzen100 API. Finanzen100 also provides pricing data on the fund's shares along with relevant current news articles.

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