Free stock trading, open your account and start trading in 20 minutes.


Mobile App (Android)


Free Stocks and ETF Trading on popular indices (DAX, Dow Jones, etc.) via Android App. No consulting - execution only. Fast portfolio opening in 20 minutes, with identification and meeting regulatory requirements. Push notifications when news to depot stocks are published. (Legal Depot etc. outsourced due to lack of banking license)

Target group

Middle and high income digital natives with a general interest in investing, but none/ low experience. Amount of total investment is rather low. It’s not about building a fortune, but gaining first experience in stock markets.

Use Case

Download the App, register, verify (video legitimation), transfer money (instantly via e.g. credit card) and start trading – all in less than 15 minutes. Buy and sell stock at market price via a sleek, minimal and flat interface

Challenges & solutions

Conception: Legal issues regarding opening Depots and trading in generell

  • no consulting - execution only
  • video identification
  • risk assessment Technical: gaining the right data from the Finanzen100 API
  • asking the guys from Finanzen100


Connect to stock exchange Add further features

  • Watchlist
  • simple limit orders (via a slider)
  • develop an iOS App


Backend: Frontend: app

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