Escrow Payment service for micro payments for Sharing Economy

The story is inspired by trying to find accommodation In Munich. There a a lot of posts about available rooms or shared rooms on social media but its always risky to deal with them knowing both parties can back out at any time leaving the other in limbo and without any security. Also sometimes payments are made and in case of parties backing out, the other party has to "chase" the payment, which is highly inconvenient. People still do that because there is no alternate available but the number of such offers can increase dramatically if security is added to it and those people who currently avoid this system can use it.

The target users are of shared economy for micro to mini payments (like tutoring for a few days or sharing a bike for a week or the hackspace in a startup office for a few months). However we are NOT the marketplace but only a payment mechanism for the marketplaces which are highly diverse and segregated like on social media or word of mouth.

The key feature we are most proud of is the modular design with which we can add participating banks immediately.

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