- save taxes and time on your tax declaration - save time on your tax declaration and get your money back

Name of the project:

Elevator pitch: Filling in tax reports sucks and takes a lot of time, even with a tax advisor. saves you taxes and time on your tax declaration. Simply take a picture of your bill. Your bills are automatically classified and can be plugged into your tax declaration accordingly. Just download your tax declaration and send it out.

Type of the project: The project consists of a back-end and a mobile app. A landing page will be setup in order to get new customers and make sure the data we start with is right.

MVP: The minimal viable product allows taking photos of bills and storing them online by uploading or sending via email. The classification of which expenses are tax deductible could be done manually by us first. Users can export their processed data.
MVP+ would be to provide automatic classification for certain categories. Target group: People who own smartphones, have to do the tax report each year and hate to do it. So everyone

Use Case: Peter has many hobbies, owns an apartment, needs craftsmen, and works sometimes from a home office. He works full-time and he is pretty much busy. Peter is clever and uses which tells him that some of his expenses are tax deductible, which means he can get some cash back. He then uses his phone to take a picture of every receipt he gets when making an expense and sends them to Robo.-tax. When the time comes to send in his tax report, he will be given a download link to get his tax report, which is ready to be mailed to the financial authorities. No more pain, much more gain for Peter who can enjoy his hobbies and spend his time doing stuff he actually enjoys. Another use case would be to help shoppers from foreign countries get back their value added tax when they return to their home countries. They simply scan their export documents (Ausfuhrbeleg) and send it to us. We take care about the process of getting back the VAT, send the amount to the account and keep a share for the service.

Challenges & solutions: Challenges: Needs credibility to be used; dissimilarity and complexity of individual tax declarations. Solutions: Work together with tax experts; ask the user for the purpose of the expense and classify documents depending on their answers.

Scalability: The app is not back-end heavy, the interactions are all done via email. Which gives us control to dispatch and analyse the requests with no hurry.


Technology: Python, javascript, Gini API, HTML


Source code (optional): Please insert the link to your project's GitHub repository. Team:

  • Miguel Fernando Cabrera, (back-end)
  • Karim Jedda, (front-end)
  • Moritz Kaminski, (product)

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