The app that saves money for you.


Saving money is not an easy and simple thing. Our service saves money for you without even noticing it, by rounding your total amount and saving the rest. Keeping the change brought to another level!

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Type of project

Mobile application & finance service

MVP Product

After setting an account using figo API, our service saves and records the amount of money user saves each day. We simply round the total amount and move it to your savings account. For example you have 1000.00€ in your bank account, you do a transaction of 20.30€ then you have 976.70€ left. We move .70€ to your savings account. Whenever you have that .xx in you total, we save the cents for you.

Target group

Every person who uses electronic payment methods, and who wants to do some savings as well.

Use Case

Users will not need to actively use the app. Once set, the app makes a record of savings that are automatically stored on user's bank account.

Challenges & solutions

Integrating the API (figo) with our service. Brainstorming the solution, and assistance of one of the figo API members.


We could bringing the service closer to the user with personalized goals, different types of savings, personalization of “rounding” amounts. We could also include social integration within the services.


We created our own server connecting with Figo API for transaction and moving money within the account. Figo API provides the possibilities to integrate the banking activity easily. Also, we created simple and beautiful interface to visualize & notify the user what’s happening and how much he saved day/month/year.




  • Pung Worathiti Manosroi (concept, app programming, front-end) @pungme
  • Vivek Maithani (developing the server side application and connecting with figo API)
  • Mateo Udovicic (design, documentation, presentation)

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